descriptionThe mudpy MUD server engine.
ownerJeremy Stanley <>
last changeSun, 14 May 2017 18:24:00 +0000 (18:24 +0000)

The mudpy project aims to create a simple, generic, cross-platform, freely-redistributable MUD core engine which can be easily understood and extended. It is written in pure Python (currently compatible with 3.3 and later versions) and has only pure Python dependencies. All configuration and data are stored in consistently-formatted plain text (YAML) files for ease of administration. The core engine is unicode-clean internally and supports UTF-8 encoding for input and output of extended text characters.

The mudpy program and sample content are released under a free and open license, and any bug reports, criticisms, ideas, patches, content submissions or other offers of collaboration are wholeheartedly welcome.

Please review the other documentation files distributed with this software, or visit for additional information.

2017-05-14 Jeremy StanleyClear vestigial ord() calls in telopt negotiation master
2017-05-14 Jeremy StanleyStop using vary_rounds with passlib
2017-05-14 Jeremy StanleyGuard against KeyError on universe.contents index
2017-05-14 Jeremy StanleyEnable initial admin account in example config
2017-05-04 Jeremy StanleyIgnore unpacked *.egg directories
2017-04-17 Jeremy StanleyModernize coder documentation
2017-04-17 Jeremy StanleyAdd a generic tox env for sdist generation et al
2017-03-28 Jeremy StanleyAdd a suitable test config for the daemon
2017-02-20 Jeremy StanleyPackage the self-test script as an entrypoint
2017-02-20 Jeremy StanleyCorrect filesystem permissions on daemon module
2017-01-02 Jeremy StanleyMake the self-test script importable
2016-12-16 Jeremy StanleyAdd missing copyright/license notices
2016-12-15 Jeremy StanleySupport running flake8 under tox
2016-12-15 Jeremy StanleyPackage the daemon executable as an entrypoint
2016-12-14 Jeremy StanleyMake the executable importable
2016-12-14 Jeremy StanleyCreate a Python package
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