I know I’m long overdue for an update here… sorry! The project definitely isn’t dead, just a little slow at the moment. I’ve had very little spare time over the past year, and getting through the implementation for the new data model has been one of those boring things which has to get done before I feel like I can move forward adding any new features.

On that note, the example data loader is being refreshed with my work in progress on what will eventually become the data.py module. I’ve worked out most of the hiccups with recursive inheritance in data elements (check out the ancestors() and inherited() functions), but I still need to incorporate a short-circuited inheritance descender into the get() function. After that, the save routines need to be assembled, the code needs to be re-flowed and heavily commented, and then I should be ready to incorporate it into a new release without introducing any known regressions in functionality.

Stay tuned!

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