In an effort to step up development and encourage community collaboration, I’ve invested considerable time combing through half a decade of archived preview releases and importing them accurately into a version-controlled repository complete with detailed commit logs.

I’m using Git for version control on the project from this point forward. The archive can be cloned anonymously from if desired. For now, detailed commits can be E-mailed to, but I’ll be setting up a developer mailing list for more open presentation and discussion of patches soon (and putting together a submission guideline document with additional, pertinent information).

I’ve set up a Gitweb interface to make the change history easier to browse. This can be found at (also linked from the documentation page). The interface should be fairly self-explanatory.

I’ve also started including a GNU-format ChangeLog file (linked from the documentation page as well), generated automatically from repository commit logs. It will be included in all future tarball/zip files, since these will begin to be exported automatically after each new commit.

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