descriptionThe mudpy MUD server engine.
ownerJeremy Stanley <>
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The mudpy project aims to create a simple, generic, cross-platform, freely-redistributable MUD core engine which can be easily understood and extended. It is written in pure Python (currently compatible with 3.3 and later versions) and has only pure Python dependencies. All configuration and data are stored in consistently-formatted plain text (YAML 1.1) files for ease of administration. The core engine is unicode-clean internally and supports UTF-8 encoding for input and output of extended text characters.

The mudpy program and sample content are released under a free and open license, and any bug reports, criticisms, ideas, patches, content submissions or other offers of collaboration are wholeheartedly welcome.

2018-03-31 Jeremy StanleyUpdate coder guide for new site redirects master
2018-02-17 Jeremy StanleyStandardize formatting for the coder guide
2018-02-04 Jeremy StanleySwitch to extensionless README and LICENSE files
2018-02-03 Jeremy StanleyReformat README.rst
2018-01-21 Jeremy StanleyTest that unknown telnet commands are filtered
2018-01-21 Jeremy StanleyFix TypeError with IAC escaping
2017-12-06 Jeremy StanleyTrim readme file
2017-12-03 Jeremy StanleyUpdate login and banner art
2017-12-01 Jeremy StanleyTest sample data style with yamllint
2017-11-29 Jeremy StanleyIndent block sequences in emitted files
2017-11-29 Jeremy StanleyConvert mappings and sequences from flow to block
2017-11-22 Jeremy StanleyDisconnect user on ConnectionResetError
2017-11-18 Jeremy StanleyBe careful about marking facets modified
2017-11-16 Jeremy StanleyUse "group" instead of "category"
2017-11-12 Jeremy StanleyDrop old-style Element support
2017-11-12 Jeremy StanleyConvert sample data to new style
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