descriptionThe mudpy MUD server engine.
ownerJeremy Stanley <>
last changeSat, 6 Mar 2021 02:38:00 +0000 (02:38 +0000)

The mudpy project aims to create a simple, generic, cross-platform, freely-redistributable MUD core engine which can be easily understood and extended. It is written in pure Python 3 and has only pure Python dependencies. All configuration and data are stored in consistently-formatted plain text (YAML 1.1) files for ease of administration. The core engine is unicode-clean internally and supports UTF-8 encoding for input and output of extended text characters.

The mudpy program and sample content are released under a free and open license, and any bug reports, criticisms, ideas, patches, content submissions or other offers of collaboration are wholeheartedly welcome.

what's missing

This project is still very much a work in progress, and is unlikely to be suitable for anyone who isn't willing to put in a bunch of work (help implementing features upstream is welcome, of course!). Here's a non-comprehensive list of missing things most folks are likely to expect in a MUD:

what's included

The fundamentals of a multi-user service are in place, and foundations are laid on which the missing features above can be built. Here are some highlights of what's been implemented so far:

2021-03-06 Jeremy StanleyLint autogenerated YAML master
2021-03-06 Jeremy StanleyUse twine's strict mode
2021-03-06 Jeremy StanleyStop trying to use PYTHONWARNINGS=error for now
2021-03-06 Jeremy StanleyAdd descriptions to tox testenvs
2021-03-06 Jeremy StanleyStop using the tox-venv plugin
2021-02-22 Jeremy StanleyCorrect package metadata
2021-01-30 Jeremy StanleyBind to loopback interface by default
2020-12-03 Jeremy StanleyUse released codespell
2020-11-01 Jeremy StanleySwitch the selftest dialogue to a normal dict
2020-11-01 Jeremy StanleyUse PosixPath arguments with os.remove()
2020-11-01 Jeremy StanleyAlways use ModuleNotFoundError
2020-11-01 Jeremy StanleyDrop support for Python 3.5
2020-10-09 Jeremy StanleyMove debug warning from setup to load
2020-10-09 Jeremy StanleyIncorporate pending logs from load during reloads
2020-10-09 Jeremy StanleyReorder loglines fields
2020-10-07 Jeremy StanleyRecast is_restricted() to a bool 0.3.0
6 months ago 0.3.0 Release version 0.3.0
6 months ago 0.2.1 Release version 0.2.1
7 months ago 0.2.0 Release version 0.2.0
15 months ago 0.1.1 Release version 0.1.1
15 months ago 0.1.0 Release version 0.1.0
18 months ago 0.0.2 Release version 0.0.2
21 months ago 0.0.1 Start tagging versions for package...
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