descriptionThe mudpy MUD server engine.
ownerJeremy Stanley <>
last changeMon, 13 May 2019 20:26:09 +0000 (20:26 +0000)

The mudpy project aims to create a simple, generic, cross-platform, freely-redistributable MUD core engine which can be easily understood and extended. It is written in pure Python (currently tested with 3.4 and later versions) and has only pure Python dependencies. All configuration and data are stored in consistently-formatted plain text (YAML 1.1) files for ease of administration. The core engine is unicode-clean internally and supports UTF-8 encoding for input and output of extended text characters.

The mudpy program and sample content are released under a free and open license, and any bug reports, criticisms, ideas, patches, content submissions or other offers of collaboration are wholeheartedly welcome.

11 days ago Jeremy StanleyImprove preferences display master
11 days ago Jeremy StanleySupport abbreviating portal names when moving
11 days ago Jeremy StanleyProvide normal error if command raises exception
11 days ago Jeremy StanleySafely log when a command error cannot be sent
12 days ago Jeremy StanleyCorrect data type for see_also command facets
12 days ago Jeremy StanleyShow possible abbreviations in help list
12 days ago Jeremy StanleyCorrect logged error for missing action function
12 days ago Jeremy StanleyMake command actions implicit
13 days ago Jeremy StanleyDereference command action functions
13 days ago Jeremy StanleyTest the show result command
13 days ago Jeremy StanleyCorrect a TypeError in the show time command
2019-05-09 Jeremy StanleyAlways pass parameters in commands
2019-05-09 Jeremy StanleyDon't allow abbreviating administrative commands
2019-05-09 Jeremy StanleyShow full command name in help output
2019-05-06 Jeremy StanleyImplicitly support abbreviating commands
2019-05-05 Jeremy StanleyAllow including time in the active state prompt
11 days ago master