descriptionThe mudpy MUD server engine.
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The mudpy project aims to create a simple, generic, cross-platform, freely-redistributable MUD core engine which can be easily understood and extended. It is written in pure Python 3 and has only pure Python dependencies. All configuration and data are stored in consistently-formatted plain text (YAML 1.1) files for ease of administration. The core engine is unicode-clean internally and supports UTF-8 encoding for input and output of extended text characters.

The mudpy program and sample content are released under a free and open license, and any bug reports, criticisms, ideas, patches, content submissions or other offers of collaboration are wholeheartedly welcome.

what's missing

This project is still very much a work in progress, and is unlikely to be suitable for anyone who isn't willing to put in a bunch of work (help implementing features upstream is welcome, of course!). Here's a non-comprehensive list of missing things most folks are likely to expect in a MUD:

what's included

The fundamentals of a multi-user service are in place, and foundations are laid on which the missing features above can be built. Here are some highlights of what's been implemented so far:

2019-09-27 Jeremy StanleyLog User object ID even when account is an admin master
2019-09-01 Jeremy StanleyLog starting directory during initialization
2019-08-24 Jeremy StanleySeparate listening port in startup logging
2019-07-10 Jeremy StanleyDisable usedevelop for some tox testenvs
2019-07-07 Jeremy StanleyCorrect reference to main config in walk-through
2019-07-07 Jeremy StanleyAdd info on what's missing and included
2019-07-07 Jeremy StanleyAdd a demo walk-through to the coder guide
2019-07-07 Jeremy StanleyRecommend the tox-venv plug-in
2019-07-07 Jeremy StanleyLink API documentation in the coder guide
2019-07-06 Jeremy StanleyDrop Python 3.4 and add 3.8
2019-06-10 Jeremy StanleyUpdate minimum PBR for setup_requires
2019-05-13 Jeremy StanleyImprove preferences display
2019-05-13 Jeremy StanleySupport abbreviating portal names when moving
2019-05-13 Jeremy StanleyProvide normal error if command raises exception
2019-05-13 Jeremy StanleySafely log when a command error cannot be sent
2019-05-13 Jeremy StanleyCorrect data type for see_also command facets
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