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authorJeremy Stanley <>
Fri, 25 Dec 2009 20:15:24 +0000 (20:15 +0000)
committerJeremy Stanley <>
Fri, 25 Dec 2009 20:15:24 +0000 (20:15 +0000)
Imported from archive.

* LICENSE: Moved to doc subdirectory, indicating it's a
documentation file.

* archetype, command, menu: Moved to share subdirectory, indicating
it's generally read-only data. Also appended .mpy extention to file
names, to indicate they're mudpy data.

* banner.txt, login.txt, mudpy.conf: Moved to etc subdirectory,
indicating they're generally hand-edited configuration data.

* lib/mudpy/ Created a new Python module package, to
begin the process of splitting up the old monolithic module.

* mudpy: Moved to bin subdirectory, indicating it's directly

* mudpy.conf (__control__, internal:storage),
(DataFile.load, find_file, replace_macros): New functionality allows
arbitrary location of data files from relative or absolute paths out
of a prioritized series of potential directory trees.

* mudpy.conf (internal:network): Changed host to the IPv6 localhost
address of ::1 instead of the old IPv4 equivalent.

* Renamed to and added to the new lib/mudpy Python
module package.
(Universe.initialize_server_socket): If local IPv6 support is
present default to listening on ::, otherwise fall back to
like before.
(command_say): Instead of denying parameters which look like
replacement macros, they are simply escaped before being processed.
Messages enclosed in quotation marks no longer get language fix-ups
applied. Fixed a bug where a type exception could be triggered if an
actor provided parameters to the say command which evaluated to an
empty string; reported by Mark Kolloros, a.k.a. Colourful.

* sample/index: Renamed to __init__.mpy in an effort to emulate
Python module package structure for groups of mudpy data files.

* sample/location, sample/prop: Appended .mpy extention to file
names, to indicate they're mudpy data.
13 files changed:
bin/mudpy [moved from mudpy with 50% similarity]
doc/LICENSE [moved from LICENSE with 100% similarity]
etc/banner.txt [moved from banner.txt with 100% similarity]
etc/login.txt [moved from login.txt with 100% similarity]
etc/mudpy.conf [moved from mudpy.conf with 79% similarity]
lib/mudpy/ [new file with mode: 0644]
lib/mudpy/ [moved from with 90% similarity]
sample/__init__.mpy [moved from sample/index with 83% similarity]
sample/location.mpy [moved from sample/location with 100% similarity]
sample/prop.mpy [moved from sample/prop with 100% similarity]
share/archetype.mpy [moved from archetype with 100% similarity]
share/command.mpy [moved from command with 95% similarity]
share/menu.mpy [moved from menu with 100% similarity]