Update login and banner art
[mudpy.git] / .gitignore
2017-05-04 Jeremy StanleyIgnore unpacked *.egg directories
2017-04-17 Jeremy StanleyAdd a generic tox env for sdist generation et al
2017-03-28 Jeremy StanleyAdd a suitable test config for the daemon
2017-02-20 Jeremy StanleyPackage the self-test script as an entrypoint
2016-12-16 Jeremy StanleyAdd missing copyright/license notices
2016-12-15 Jeremy StanleySupport running flake8 under tox
2016-10-05 Jeremy StanleyMove lib/mudpy to mudpy for packaging preparation
2015-05-09 Jeremy StanleyLay groundwork for more thorough functional tests
2014-09-18 Jeremy StanleyAdd a .gitignore file