Begin the transition from INI to YAML
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2014-05-08 Jeremy StanleyBegin the transition from INI to YAML
2014-01-20 Jeremy StanleyDrop support for Python 2.x
2013-12-07 Jeremy StanleyClean up imports
2013-08-07 Jeremy StanleyImport a correct configparser for the interpreter
2013-02-25 Jeremy StanleyUse new 0o notation for octal constants
2012-08-01 Jeremy StanleyWork around lack of dict_keys index in data loader
2012-04-24 Jeremy StanleyUse absolute imports in data handler module
2011-11-05 Jeremy StanleyUse strings not unicode in data handler module
2011-06-06 Jeremy StanleyAdditional style cleanup
2011-01-11 Jeremy StanleyPEP 8 conformance for data handling library
2010-09-13 Jeremy StanleyBack end data storage separation.