Rename internal:process to .mudpy.process
[mudpy.git] / lib / mudpy /
2016-09-18 Jeremy StanleyRename internal:process to .mudpy.process
2016-09-15 Jeremy StanleyRename internal:network to
2016-08-24 Jeremy StanleyRename internal:directions to .mudpy.movement.*
2016-07-24 Jeremy StanleyRename internal:logging: to .mudpy.log
2016-07-17 Jeremy StanleyRename internal:limits element to .mudpy.limit
2016-06-28 Jeremy StanleyStrip extra separators in show element command
2016-06-28 Jeremy StanleyFix 8-bit Telnet with Py3K
2016-05-09 Jeremy StanleyRename internal:language: to .mudpy.linguistic
2016-04-21 Jeremy StanleyImplement new style element support
2016-04-16 Jeremy StanleyFix show element command for Py3K
2016-03-17 Jeremy StanleyMake escape_macros no-op on nontext values
2016-03-07 Jeremy StanleyFix show log command for Py3K
2016-02-23 Jeremy StanleyFix recursive BrokenPipeException on disconnect
2015-06-02 Jeremy StanleyFix punctuation match order and add tests
2015-01-09 Jeremy StanleyRemove UTF-8 encoding header from Python files
2014-11-06 Jeremy StanleyLog missing avatars
2014-10-13 Jeremy StanleyAccumulate logs during setup
2014-09-13 Jeremy StanleyFinalize INI to YAML conversion
2014-06-02 Jeremy StanleyDon't unnecessarily recast lists and dicts
2014-05-20 Jeremy StanleyCatch exceptions in YAML menus
2014-05-08 Jeremy StanleyBegin the transition from INI to YAML
2014-05-04 Jeremy StanleyCorrect stray use of location
2014-04-23 Jeremy StanleyUse area instead of location or room
2014-04-10 Jeremy StanleyMake exception logging failures more robust
2014-04-05 Jeremy StanleyBe explicit when show result raises an exception
2014-03-27 Jeremy StanleyTighten exceptions for new sockets and reads
2014-03-19 Jeremy StanleyFix log spamming on premature socket disconnect
2014-03-10 Jeremy StanleyStop trying to rename the daemon process
2014-03-06 Jeremy StanleyWrap long lines without using backslashes
2014-02-23 Jeremy StanleyClean up docstrings
2014-02-10 Jeremy StanleyFix reload to use a copy of datafile keys
2014-02-04 Jeremy StanleyRemove unused event code
2014-01-20 Jeremy StanleyDrop support for Python 2.x
2013-12-07 Jeremy StanleyClean up imports
2013-10-16 Jeremy StanleyRecast to unicode when normalizing on Python 2.x
2013-09-17 Jeremy StanleyByte type comparisons on the output queue
2013-06-09 Jeremy StanleyUse chr instead of unichr
2013-05-15 Jeremy StanleyUse bytes in process table manipulation
2013-03-19 Jeremy StanleyHandle byte type on sockets
2012-12-12 Jeremy StanleyUse int type instead of long
2012-10-17 Jeremy StanleyRecast filters when comparing
2012-09-25 Jeremy StanleyWork around lack of dict_keys index in catch-all
2012-05-23 Jeremy StanleyUse absolute imports in catch-all module
2011-12-09 Jeremy StanleyUse strings not unicode in catch-all module
2011-06-06 Jeremy StanleyAdditional style cleanup
2011-04-10 Jeremy StanleyPEP 8 conformance for monolithic library
2010-09-13 Jeremy StanleyBack end data storage separation.
2010-06-17 Jeremy StanleySecure, extensible, forward-compatable passwords.
2010-05-04 Jeremy StanleyProper RFC 1143 Telnet option negotiation queue.
2010-01-30 Jeremy StanleyAnnual copyright update.
2009-12-25 Jeremy StanleyImported from archive.