Switch password handler to passlib's PBKDF2
[mudpy.git] / lib / mudpy / password.py
2015-02-18 Jeremy StanleySwitch password handler to passlib's PBKDF2
2015-01-09 Jeremy StanleyRemove UTF-8 encoding header from Python files
2014-02-23 Jeremy StanleyClean up docstrings
2014-01-20 Jeremy StanleyDrop support for Python 2.x
2013-12-07 Jeremy StanleyClean up imports
2013-11-22 Jeremy StanleyFix an incorrect TODO comment line
2013-04-23 Jeremy StanleyUse byte type for passwords hash encoding
2012-07-13 Jeremy StanleyUse range instead of xrange
2012-01-25 Jeremy StanleyUse strings not unicode in password module
2011-03-04 Jeremy StanleyPEP 8 conformance for password management library
2010-06-18 Jeremy StanleyCorrecting docstring format.
2010-06-18 Jeremy StanleyCorrecting minor docstring typos.
2010-06-17 Jeremy StanleySecure, extensible, forward-compatable passwords.