Don't LBYL when creating missing data directories
[mudpy.git] / mudpy /
2018-10-27 Jeremy StanleyDon't LBYL when creating missing data directories
2018-10-04 Jeremy StanleyGeneralize copyright headers in files
2018-07-16 Jeremy StanleyResolve included files only once
2018-07-13 Jeremy StanleyOverhaul data reloading
2017-11-29 Jeremy StanleyIndent block sequences in emitted files
2017-11-16 Jeremy StanleyUse "group" instead of "category"
2017-11-12 Jeremy StanleyDrop old-style Element support
2017-09-16 Jeremy StanleyClean up a stray comment in find_file
2017-09-16 Jeremy StanleyData nodes starting with "_" are metadata
2017-09-16 Jeremy StanleyInterpret a "." prefix as the startdir
2017-08-28 Jeremy StanleyOverhaul data management to get rid of __control__
2017-07-30 Jeremy StanleyUpdate copyright dates for files changed this year
2017-07-30 Jeremy StanleyRename internal:storage to .mudpy.filing
2017-07-29 Jeremy StanleyStop unnecessarily stripping quote marks
2017-07-29 Jeremy StanleyFix file pathing in daemon mode
2017-07-28 Jeremy StanleyUse raw strings when escape sequences are needed
2017-05-14 Jeremy StanleyGuard against KeyError on universe.contents index
2016-11-24 Jeremy StanleyAppease style checks
2016-10-05 Jeremy StanleyMove lib/mudpy to mudpy for packaging preparation