Test that unknown telnet commands are filtered
[mudpy.git] / mudpy / tests / selftest.py
2018-01-21 Jeremy StanleyTest that unknown telnet commands are filtered
2018-01-21 Jeremy StanleyFix TypeError with IAC escaping
2017-11-16 Jeremy StanleyUse "group" instead of "category"
2017-11-10 Jeremy StanleySwitch internal counters to new-style Element
2017-11-09 Jeremy StanleySwitch actors to new-style elements
2017-11-09 Jeremy StanleyHandle connection reset in selftest
2017-11-09 Jeremy StanleyCatch Exception when necessary
2017-11-09 Jeremy StanleyClearer selftest errors on disconnection
2017-11-09 Jeremy StanleyUse new-style elements for accounts
2017-09-27 Jeremy StanleyFix unhandled exception in show file command
2017-09-27 Jeremy StanleyDisplay flags in show files output
2017-07-31 Jeremy StanleyError if set command is used on read-only element
2017-07-31 Jeremy StanleyTest the set command
2017-07-31 Jeremy StanleyUse writeable element in show element test
2017-07-29 Jeremy StanleySwitch example listening port from 6669 to 4000
2017-07-29 Jeremy StanleyFix facets method to give new-style relative names
2017-07-29 Jeremy StanleyExercise the reload command in tests
2017-07-29 Jeremy StanleySwitch quoting styles to reduce escaped quotes
2017-07-28 Jeremy StanleyUse raw strings when escape sequences are needed
2017-07-02 Jeremy StanleyCorrect name of the custom loglevel test
2017-07-02 Jeremy StanleyHandle ValueError when setting incorrect type
2017-06-15 Jeremy StanleyCoerce loglevel facet to int when updating
2017-05-14 Jeremy StanleyEnable initial admin account in example config
2017-02-20 Jeremy StanleyPackage the self-test script as an entrypoint