Make dist checking directory-agnostic
[mudpy.git] / setup.cfg
2021-02-22 Jeremy StanleyCorrect package metadata
2020-11-01 Jeremy StanleyDrop support for Python 3.5
2020-10-07 Jeremy StanleySupport Python 3.10
2020-08-03 Jeremy StanleySet python_requires
2020-07-07 Jeremy StanleyCorrect package metadata
2020-01-08 Jeremy StanleyIndicate support for Python 3.9
2020-01-08 Jeremy StanleyLink the ChangeLog from package metadata
2019-07-06 Jeremy StanleyDrop Python 3.4 and add 3.8
2018-10-04 Jeremy StanleyGeneralize copyright headers in files
2018-09-29 Jeremy StanleyAdd AUTHORS file to wheel
2018-07-17 Jeremy StanleyDrop Python 3.3 support
2018-07-17 Jeremy StanleyAdd signed artifact URL to Python package metadata
2018-05-02 Jeremy StanleyIndicate Python3.7 support
2018-05-02 Jeremy StanleyNote platform in package metadata
2018-05-02 Jeremy StanleyAdd keywords to Python package metadata
2018-05-02 Jeremy StanleyInclude license info in Python packages
2018-05-02 Jeremy StanleyUpdate URLs in package metadata
2018-05-02 Jeremy StanleyCorrect metadata entry for README
2017-02-20 Jeremy StanleyPackage the self-test script as an entrypoint
2016-12-16 Jeremy StanleyAdd missing copyright/license notices
2016-12-15 Jeremy StanleyPackage the daemon executable as an entrypoint
2016-12-14 Jeremy StanleyCreate a Python package