Use yamllint --strict when called from tox
[mudpy.git] / tox.ini
2018-12-31 Jeremy StanleyUse yamllint --strict when called from tox
2018-10-04 Jeremy StanleyGeneralize copyright headers in files
2018-09-29 Jeremy StanleyRemove docutils dep in tox dist testenv
2018-09-25 Jeremy StanleySwitch to `twine check` in tox testenv:dist
2018-07-29 Jeremy StanleyAdd a "debug" testenv
2018-07-16 Jeremy StanleyClean up tox.ini
2018-07-16 Jeremy StanleyApply correct Python version in tox base envs
2018-07-16 Jeremy StanleyTest the default example config
2018-07-16 Jeremy StanleyAdd py3 to the default tox env list
2018-07-16 Jeremy StanleyRun the selftest in base tox testenvs
2018-07-08 Jeremy StanleyInclude "docs" in default tox envs list
2018-07-08 Jeremy StanleyCheck readme suitability for PyPI
2018-05-08 Jeremy StanleyClean dist directory in tox dist environment
2018-05-02 Jeremy StanleyProvide a dist environment for tox
2018-05-02 Jeremy StanleyClean build directory in tox docs environment
2018-04-30 Jeremy StanleyAdd a docs tox env
2017-12-01 Jeremy StanleyTest sample data style with yamllint
2017-04-17 Jeremy StanleyAdd a generic tox env for sdist generation et al
2016-12-16 Jeremy StanleyAdd missing copyright/license notices
2016-12-15 Jeremy StanleySupport running flake8 under tox