2017-07-28 Jeremy StanleyUse raw strings when escape sequences are needed
2017-07-02 Jeremy StanleyCorrect name of the custom loglevel test
2017-07-02 Jeremy StanleyHandle ValueError when setting incorrect type
2017-06-15 Jeremy StanleyCoerce loglevel facet to int when updating
2017-05-14 Jeremy StanleyClear vestigial ord() calls in telopt negotiation
2017-05-14 Jeremy StanleyStop using vary_rounds with passlib
2017-05-14 Jeremy StanleyGuard against KeyError on universe.contents index
2017-05-14 Jeremy StanleyEnable initial admin account in example config
2017-05-04 Jeremy StanleyIgnore unpacked *.egg directories
2017-04-17 Jeremy StanleyModernize coder documentation
2017-04-17 Jeremy StanleyAdd a generic tox env for sdist generation et al
2017-03-28 Jeremy StanleyAdd a suitable test config for the daemon
2017-02-20 Jeremy StanleyPackage the self-test script as an entrypoint
2017-02-20 Jeremy StanleyCorrect filesystem permissions on daemon module
2017-01-02 Jeremy StanleyMake the self-test script importable
2016-12-16 Jeremy StanleyAdd missing copyright/license notices
2016-12-15 Jeremy StanleySupport running flake8 under tox
2016-12-15 Jeremy StanleyPackage the daemon executable as an entrypoint
2016-12-14 Jeremy StanleyMake the executable importable
2016-12-14 Jeremy StanleyCreate a Python package
2016-11-24 Jeremy StanleyAppease style checks
2016-11-23 Jeremy StanleyClean up trailing whitespace in documentation
2016-10-20 Jeremy StanleyMove documentation files for packaging preparation
2016-10-05 Jeremy StanleyMove lib/mudpy to mudpy for packaging preparation
2016-09-18 Jeremy StanleyRename internal:process to .mudpy.process
2016-09-15 Jeremy StanleyRename internal:network to
2016-08-24 Jeremy StanleyRename internal:directions to .mudpy.movement.*
2016-07-24 Jeremy StanleyRename internal:logging: to .mudpy.log
2016-07-24 Jeremy StanleyUpdate README for recent development
2016-07-17 Jeremy StanleyRename internal:limits element to .mudpy.limit
2016-06-28 Jeremy StanleyStrip extra separators in show element command
2016-06-28 Jeremy StanleyFix 8-bit Telnet with Py3K
2016-05-09 Jeremy StanleyRename internal:language: to .mudpy.linguistic
2016-04-21 Jeremy StanleyImplement new style element support
2016-04-16 Jeremy StanleyTest the show element command
2016-04-16 Jeremy StanleySimplify multiline matching in functional tests
2016-04-16 Jeremy StanleyFix show element command for Py3K
2016-03-17 Jeremy StanleyMake escape_macros no-op on nontext values
2016-03-07 Jeremy StanleyCheck that functional tests log no errors
2016-03-07 Jeremy StanleyTest that the show log command works
2016-03-07 Jeremy StanleyFix show log command for Py3K
2016-02-23 Jeremy StanleyFix recursive BrokenPipeException on disconnect
2016-02-21 Jeremy StanleySwitch basic data loader unit from element to node
2016-01-24 Jeremy StanleyExplicitly invoke Python 3.x in shebang lines
2015-12-28 Jeremy StanleyTest admin account restrictions
2015-12-01 Jeremy StanleyMore thorough match on chat mode test
2015-11-19 Jeremy StanleyTest actor movement
2015-10-11 Jeremy StanleyMention test session capture log file names
2015-10-07 Jeremy StanleyAdd timing data to test output
2015-09-19 Jeremy StanleyTest chat mode
2015-09-07 Jeremy StanleyAdd troubleshooting note to test failure output
2015-09-06 Jeremy StanleyBreak outer loop of functional tests on failure
2015-09-01 Jeremy StanleyBe more explicit with periods in test matches
2015-08-23 Jeremy StanleyModularize functional testing
2015-08-22 Jeremy StanleyTest sentence capitalization
2015-08-09 Jeremy StanleyTest typo replacements
2015-08-07 Jeremy StanleyTest implicit punctuation
2015-07-15 Jeremy StanleyRead pending bytes before proceeding with test
2015-06-02 Jeremy StanleyFix punctuation match order and add tests
2015-05-17 Jeremy StanleyTest interaction between multiple connections
2015-05-09 Jeremy StanleyLay groundwork for more thorough functional tests
2015-04-18 Jeremy StanleySwitch to yaml.safe_load for better security
2015-03-23 Jeremy StanleyBe more strict about file permission masks
2015-03-23 Jeremy StanleyAccumulate logs if necessary while loading data
2015-03-18 Jeremy StanleyRemove stray non-generic references in sample data
2015-02-18 Jeremy StanleySwitch password handler to passlib's PBKDF2
2015-01-17 Jeremy StanleyWrite files directly from yaml.dump
2015-01-09 Jeremy StanleyRemove UTF-8 encoding header from Python files
2014-12-29 Jeremy StanleyFix type mismatches in save file rotation
2014-12-26 Jeremy StanleyCorrect avatar inheritance
2014-11-06 Jeremy StanleyLog missing avatars
2014-10-13 Jeremy StanleyAccumulate logs during setup
2014-09-18 Jeremy StanleyAdd a .gitignore file
2014-09-13 Jeremy StanleyFinalize INI to YAML conversion
2014-08-06 Jeremy StanleyRemove the git2gch utility
2014-08-05 Jeremy StanleyClean up parenthetical spacing in bin/mudpy
2014-07-29 Jeremy StanleyMark unused import false positives
2014-06-23 Jeremy StanleyConvert sample data directory index to YAML
2014-06-17 Jeremy StanleySupport data directory indices in YAML
2014-06-16 Jeremy StanleyConvert sample prop data file to YAML
2014-06-13 Jeremy StanleyFile read-only check supports YAML
2014-06-07 Jeremy StanleyConvert sample area data file to YAML
2014-06-02 Jeremy StanleyDon't unnecessarily recast lists and dicts
2014-06-01 Jeremy StanleyInitialize data file contents on creation
2014-05-27 Jeremy StanleyConvert menu data file to YAML
2014-05-20 Jeremy StanleyCatch exceptions in YAML menus
2014-05-15 Jeremy StanleyConvert command data file to YAML
2014-05-10 Jeremy StanleyConvert archetype data file to YAML
2014-05-08 Jeremy StanleyBegin the transition from INI to YAML
2014-05-04 Jeremy StanleyCorrect stray use of location
2014-04-29 Jeremy StanleyClean up rendering in coder documentation
2014-04-23 Jeremy StanleyUse area instead of location or room
2014-04-15 Jeremy StanleySimplify coder documentation
2014-04-10 Jeremy StanleyMake exception logging failures more robust
2014-04-05 Jeremy StanleyBe explicit when show result raises an exception
2014-03-27 Jeremy StanleyTighten exceptions for new sockets and reads
2014-03-19 Jeremy StanleyFix log spamming on premature socket disconnect
2014-03-10 Jeremy StanleyStop trying to rename the daemon process
2014-03-06 Jeremy StanleyWrap long lines without using backslashes
2014-02-23 Jeremy StanleyClean up docstrings