2021-11-19 Jeremy StanleyUpdate warning filter for SetupTools and filelock
2021-10-23 Jeremy StanleySwitch back to normal PyYAML releases
2021-10-09 Jeremy StanleyAdd preliminary support for Python 3.11
2021-10-09 Jeremy StanleyStrip specifiers in dependency version strings
2021-10-05 Jeremy StanleyAdjust warning exclusions for Python 3.10
2021-09-23 Jeremy StanleyDrop redundant license_files package metadata
2021-08-15 Jeremy StanleyUpdate the copyright year in the LICENSE file 0.4.1
2021-08-15 Jeremy StanleyFail selftest if anything is written to stderr
2021-08-15 Jeremy StanleyClose included files after reading
2021-08-15 Jeremy StanleyClose data files after reading
2021-08-15 Jeremy StanleyAdjust Telnet echo state on connection replacement
2021-07-26 Jeremy StanleyIgnore warnings building PyYAML wheels on 3.10.0b4
2021-07-05 Jeremy StanleyUpdate copyright year in built documentation
2021-07-05 Jeremy StanleyUse build instead of
2021-06-05 Jeremy StanleyUpdate test warnings for Python 3.10.0b2
2021-05-09 Jeremy StanleyUpdate test warnings for Python 3.9.5 and 3.10.0b1
2021-05-02 Jeremy StanleyAlphabetize entries in command data file
2021-04-26 Jeremy StanleyBe more robust with elapsed time counter 0.4.0
2021-04-24 Jeremy StanleyRetry client connections in selftest
2021-04-17 Jeremy StanleyDon't wait during selftest process cleanup
2021-04-17 Jeremy StanleyDon't leave dangling file descriptor in selftest
2021-04-17 Jeremy StanleyMake dist checking directory-agnostic
2021-04-17 Jeremy StanleyGet more granular with Python warnings in tests
2021-04-17 Jeremy StanleyUse consistent spacing in tox variables and lists
2021-04-17 Jeremy StanleyStop setting a default install command for tox
2021-04-17 Jeremy StanleyDon't check spelling in data directory
2021-03-06 Jeremy StanleyLint autogenerated YAML
2021-03-06 Jeremy StanleyUse twine's strict mode
2021-03-06 Jeremy StanleyStop trying to use PYTHONWARNINGS=error for now
2021-03-06 Jeremy StanleyAdd descriptions to tox testenvs
2021-03-06 Jeremy StanleyStop using the tox-venv plugin
2021-02-22 Jeremy StanleyCorrect package metadata
2021-01-30 Jeremy StanleyBind to loopback interface by default
2020-12-03 Jeremy StanleyUse released codespell
2020-11-01 Jeremy StanleySwitch the selftest dialogue to a normal dict
2020-11-01 Jeremy StanleyUse PosixPath arguments with os.remove()
2020-11-01 Jeremy StanleyAlways use ModuleNotFoundError
2020-11-01 Jeremy StanleyDrop support for Python 3.5
2020-10-09 Jeremy StanleyMove debug warning from setup to load
2020-10-09 Jeremy StanleyIncorporate pending logs from load during reloads
2020-10-09 Jeremy StanleyReorder loglines fields
2020-10-07 Jeremy StanleyRecast is_restricted() to a bool 0.3.0
2020-10-07 Jeremy StanleyThe del and return statements aren't functions
2020-10-07 Jeremy StanleySupport Python 3.10
2020-10-07 Jeremy StanleyDon't fail dist or docs builds on deprecations
2020-10-07 Jeremy StanleyReplace show result with debug evaluate command
2020-10-04 Jeremy StanleyRun different selftests when debug mode is engaged
2020-10-04 Jeremy StanleyAdd warnings about debugging mode
2020-10-04 Jeremy StanleyAdd restricted debug mode
2020-10-04 Jeremy StanleyMake selftest dialogue mutable
2020-10-03 Jeremy StanleySkip spellcheck on logfiles
2020-10-02 Jeremy StanleyAdd is_restricted boolean check for commands
2020-09-30 Jeremy StanleyAdd is_admin method to Element and User classes
2020-09-30 Jeremy StanleyStreamline can_run access control method
2020-09-19 Jeremy StanleyCheck for warnings in the to dist env 0.2.1
2020-09-19 Jeremy StanleyExplicitly close files opened by selftest
2020-09-19 Jeremy StanleyHandle early wrapping in test_show_result
2020-09-19 Jeremy StanleyDrop redundant master_doc setting from Sphinx conf
2020-09-16 Jeremy StanleySwitch tox to use allowlist_externals
2020-09-16 Jeremy StanleyStart checking codebase with the codespell tool
2020-08-23 Jeremy StanleyRevert "No longer run in docs builds" 0.2.0
2020-08-23 Jeremy StanleyRatchet down Python warnings in tox
2020-08-12 Jeremy StanleyNo longer run in docs builds
2020-08-03 Jeremy StanleySet python_requires
2020-07-07 Jeremy StanleyCorrect package metadata
2020-06-02 Jeremy StanleyReport if service does not start under selftest
2020-05-23 Jeremy StanleyPrefer importlib over pkg_resources
2020-04-22 Jeremy StanleyRecord the reported rows from NAWS negotiation
2020-04-12 Jeremy StanleyObtain terminal type (RFC 1091)
2020-03-21 Jeremy StanleyOverhaul coder guide, add commands and misc
2020-02-07 Jeremy StanleyStart the install guide
2020-01-12 Jeremy StanleyAdd the beginnings of an admin guide
2020-01-08 Jeremy StanleyCollapse redundant exceptions
2020-01-08 Jeremy StanleyIndicate support for Python 3.9
2020-01-08 Jeremy StanleyLink the ChangeLog from package metadata
2020-01-08 Jeremy StanleyDrop section numbering from documentation builds
2019-12-30 Jeremy StanleyMake sure all command functions return True 0.1.1
2019-12-30 Jeremy StanleyIncrease timer resolution in test config 0.1.0
2019-12-30 Jeremy StanleyUse call_hook_function() in handler_active()
2019-12-30 Jeremy StanleyPreserve loglines on reload
2019-12-30 Jeremy StanleySet bandit to error on risks of any severity
2019-12-30 Jeremy StanleyWhitelist uses of stdlib random module for bandit
2019-12-30 Jeremy StanleyClean up function names in menu definitions
2019-12-30 Jeremy StanleyRatchet bandit checking down to medium severity
2019-12-30 Jeremy StanleyReplace eval() and exec() use for menu functions
2019-12-30 Jeremy StanleyRelocate main_utility menu functions
2019-12-30 Jeremy StanleyRelocate delete_avatar menu functions
2019-12-30 Jeremy StanleyRelocate delete_account menu function
2019-12-30 Jeremy StanleyRelocate choose_name menu functions
2019-12-30 Jeremy StanleyRelocate choose_gender menu function
2019-12-30 Jeremy StanleyRelocate checking_new_account_name menu functions
2019-12-30 Jeremy StanleyRelocate activate_avatar menu functions
2019-12-30 Jeremy StanleyAdd a module to hold menu functions
2019-12-28 Jeremy StanleyMove selected menu item into the User object
2019-12-28 Jeremy StanleyRename state variable in get_menu_choices()
2019-12-28 Jeremy StanleyRemove exec() from handle_user_input() function
2019-12-28 Jeremy StanleyEliminate exec() in
2019-12-28 Jeremy StanleyMore thoroughly test account and avatar menus
2019-12-28 Jeremy StanleyProperly escape punctuation in test patterns
2019-12-28 Jeremy StanleyTighten up eval() scope in show result subcommand