Rename "initial" state to "telopt_negotiation"
[mudpy.git] / mudpy /
2018-07-08 Jeremy StanleyRename "initial" state to "telopt_negotiation"
2018-06-30 Jeremy StanleyOnly wrap on actual spaces
2018-06-30 Jeremy StanleyFilter non-ASCII input when not in binary mode
2018-05-25 Jeremy StanleyRetool word wrapping
2018-05-08 Jeremy StanleyAdd version command and diagnostic logging
2018-01-21 Jeremy StanleyFix TypeError with IAC escaping
2017-11-22 Jeremy StanleyDisconnect user on ConnectionResetError
2017-11-18 Jeremy StanleyBe careful about marking facets modified
2017-11-16 Jeremy StanleyUse "group" instead of "category"
2017-11-12 Jeremy StanleyDrop old-style Element support
2017-11-12 Jeremy StanleyConvert sample data to new style
2017-11-10 Jeremy StanleySwitch archetypes to new-style Elements
2017-11-10 Jeremy StanleySwitch internal counters to new-style Element
2017-11-09 Jeremy StanleySwitch actors to new-style elements
2017-11-09 Jeremy StanleyMake new-style facet deletion more robust
2017-11-09 Jeremy StanleyUse new-style elements for accounts
2017-09-27 Jeremy StanleyFix unhandled exception in show file command
2017-09-27 Jeremy StanleyDisplay flags in show files output
2017-08-28 Jeremy StanleyOverhaul data management to get rid of __control__
2017-07-31 Jeremy StanleyError if set command is used on read-only element
2017-07-31 Jeremy StanleyRefuse to alter read-only elements at runtime
2017-07-31 Jeremy StanleyTrack whether loading is underway
2017-07-30 Jeremy StanleyUpdate copyright dates for files changed this year
2017-07-29 Jeremy StanleyLog missing file inclusions as more severe
2017-07-29 Jeremy StanleyRename internal:time to .mudpy.timing
2017-07-29 Jeremy StanleyFix facets method to give new-style relative names
2017-07-29 Jeremy StanleyReduce the log message priority for reload calls
2017-07-29 Jeremy StanleySwitch quoting styles to reduce escaped quotes
2017-07-28 Jeremy StanleyUse raw strings when escape sequences are needed
2017-07-02 Jeremy StanleyHandle ValueError when setting incorrect type
2017-06-15 Jeremy StanleyCoerce loglevel facet to int when updating
2017-05-14 Jeremy StanleyGuard against KeyError on universe.contents index
2016-11-24 Jeremy StanleyAppease style checks
2016-10-05 Jeremy StanleyMove lib/mudpy to mudpy for packaging preparation