Update login and banner art
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2017-11-29 Jeremy StanleyConvert mappings and sequences from flow to block
2017-11-16 Jeremy StanleyUse "group" instead of "category"
2017-11-12 Jeremy StanleyConvert sample data to new style
2017-11-12 Jeremy StanleyUse new style for menu definitions
2017-11-12 Jeremy StanleyConvert command Elements to new-style
2017-11-10 Jeremy StanleySwitch archetypes to new-style Elements
2017-09-16 Jeremy StanleyAdd descriptions to sample datafiles
2017-09-16 Jeremy StanleyMove sample datafile copyrights into metadata
2017-08-28 Jeremy StanleyOverhaul data management to get rid of __control__
2017-07-29 Jeremy StanleySwitch quoting styles to reduce escaped quotes
2016-07-17 Jeremy StanleyRename internal:limits element to .mudpy.limit
2015-03-18 Jeremy StanleyRemove stray non-generic references in sample data
2014-12-26 Jeremy StanleyCorrect avatar inheritance
2014-09-13 Jeremy StanleyFinalize INI to YAML conversion
2014-05-27 Jeremy StanleyConvert menu data file to YAML
2014-05-15 Jeremy StanleyConvert command data file to YAML
2014-05-10 Jeremy StanleyConvert archetype data file to YAML
2014-04-23 Jeremy StanleyUse area instead of location or room
2010-05-04 Jeremy StanleyCosmetic adjustment to disconnect message.
2010-01-30 Jeremy StanleyAnnual copyright update.
2009-12-25 Jeremy StanleyImported from archive.